Iniciativa de Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) y Federación Mundial de Anunciantes (WFA)
Se publica una nueva guía de implementación de comunicaciones de marketing dirigidas a niños

El Foro de Bienes de Consumo (Consumer Goods Forum, CGF), junto con la Federación Mundial de Anunciantes (World Federation of Advertisers, WFA), publicaron una nueva herramienta para ayudar a las empresas a cumplir con los compromisos acordados para detener las comunicaciones de marketing hacia los niños.

Como industria, la membresía global del CGF se comprometió a detener las comunicaciones de marketing a los niños menores de 12 años para los productos de alimentos y bebidas que no cumplan con los criterios específicos de nutrición basados en la evidencia científica y/o las directrices dietéticas nacionales e internacionales aplicables, para el año 2018. Se trata de un compromiso que fue aprobado por el board de directores del CGF en junio de 2014 y cumple con las pautas establecidas por la Federación Mundial de Anunciantes.

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The Consumer Goods Forum Publishes Marketing Communications to Children Implementation Guide
New resource shows consumer goods industry how to meet its commitment to stop targeted marketing communications to children by 2018

PARIS, 3rd May 2016 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), together with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), has today published a new tool to help companies meet agreed commitments to stop marketing communications to children. The Marketing Communications to Children Implementation Guide has been developed with the support of members – retailers and manufacturers – involved in the CGF’s Health & Wellness Pillar.

As an industry, the CGF’s global membership has committed to stop marketing communications to children under 12 for food and beverage products that do not fulfil specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines by 2018. This is a commitment that was approved by the CGF Board of Directors back in June 2014 and meets guidelines set out by the World Federation of Advertisers.

In the CGF’s annual Health & Wellness Progress Report, also public, 49% of respondents reported that they had publicly supported the Marketing to Children Commitment. The CGF sees this new tool as essential in helping increase the level of engagement and implementation across the wider membership. These guidelines also follow on from the online Health & Wellness Toolkit that was launched in 2015 and that includes a “Getting Started” module on Marketing to Children.

The Implementation Guide builds on this original work from the Marketing to Children working group, and highlights five key steps for successful implementation:

1. Develop your policy;
2. Set evidence-based criteria;
3. Develop third-party monitoring;
4. Ensure local/regional alignment; and
5. Communicate

The Marketing to Children working group co-chairs will be hosting a webinar on the 23rd May at 15.00 CET to further explain the rationale behind the guidelines and next steps. This will be an opportunity for open dialogue and sharing of good practises on how to implement the Commitment. Registrations are now open.

Frank van Aalsum, Program Manager Responsible Retailing, Royal Ahold and Fritz Schroeder-Senker, Director International Governmental Relations, MARS Holding GmbH, and co-chairs of the Marketing to Children working group at the CGF, said, “This is an important document and invaluable step in helping member companies better understand this commitment and how to implement it. We are proposing a simple action plan that any company can use, irrelevant of size or location, and we trust it will be well received within the industry. We must continue in our efforts, within the CGF, to work with our peers around the world and drive positive business actions on health and wellness”.

Stephan Loerke, CEO, World Federation of Advertisers said, “The rise of childhood overweight and obesity means it is more important than ever that brands apply the most rigorous standards when it comes to responsible food marketing. The adoption of this policy by CGF members is a significant step forward in ensuring that companies globally adopt international best practice”.

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